Body Shop Beautifying Coconut Oil
Body Shop Coconut Beautifying Oil

I tried the Body Shop Coconut Beautifying Oil a few days ago. It came as part of my consultant starter kit and costs £9 for 100ml. The reviews on the Body Shop page seem torn between positive and negative with the majority of negatives focusing on the amount you get for the price.

My first trial was on my hair. Taking advice from the online reviews, I applied it to the middle and ends of towel dried hair and let it dry. Honestly I didn’t immediately notice a difference, but the next day my hair looked really good and rather sexy, a definite improvement on usual ‘Day2’ quality – especially considering that I don’t have a shower so never get round to applying conditioner! So 4 stars for that!

Next I tried applying it to my face just before bed. Considering that I have a 5 month old who doesn’t sleep, I looked in the mirror first thing next morning and didn’t wince in horror at what I saw. I actually looked quite good! So 5 stars for that!!!

I have been told that for some people it smells of holidays!!

So a good item overall! If you’re worried about the price, it’s worth finding your local Body Shop consultant (hopefully me!) and seeing if they have any discounts on for it!

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Body Shop at Home – being a consultant

I have signed up to start working self-employed as a Body Shop Consultant! I’m based in the Godalming/Guildford area of Surrey if anyone wants to host a party!

I’ve been starting to try out my sign up kit (as how can I sell it if I haven’t!) and have decided to post reviews of it all here. I hope that people find them useful. I’m also planning to post about my experiences of Being a consultant – I hope that is useful too!

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Saving land from becoming desert. So inspirational!

This is so inspirational!

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Global carbon dioxide in atmosphere passes milestone level

Although I know that people prat around re climate change, choosing to argue rather than act, I still find it beyond belief that this is not the top headline. We really are going to go out as the most wilfully ignorant and consequently stupid species ever…

And I don’t want to! This is so so past the point where we can waste time. If you have children we are well on course (or at) the point where their adult lives are genuinely hell. Do you care so little about them that this doesn’t compel you to act? And you can always do something, little people acting is what has always changed the world.

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Breastfeeding tyranny

Last night I rebelled against the tyranny of milk leak and wearing a bra to bed. Sleeping face down on a towel is surprisingly great!

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LRP and pregnancy

Well this post doesn’t seem to exist anywhere else, so I thought I would write up my experience of going to the Gathering (Lorien Trust) when 12 weeks pregnant. I had my character be pregnant too so to be easier.

Things I learnt:

1. I got far more tired far more quickly. Walking all over the site constantly was NOT an option. I took it slowly, pootled and didn’t push it.

2. I made sure to eat. Decently as I could as well as I figured 5 days of terrible food wouldn’t do anyone any favours.

3. I learnt that it’s ok to step over a faction ward to dodge a fight if you’re ooc pregnant, as ultimately that’s more important than THE IMMUTABLE NATURE OF MAGIC! ;-)

4. Ditto bending the ‘refs and invisible monsters aren’t there’ rule…and getting yourself out of the way before they are!

5. Not all of your kit will necessarily fit. I highly recommend some padded armour (from Mythologia is great, especially the long stuff) to keep you warm (and slightly padded as a bonus!) in the night.

6. You need a chair. By 12 weeks, I was finding sitting on the floor, especially leaning forward, REALLY uncomfortable – just demand / bring a chair! ;-)

It turned out to be a crap event for me for various ooc reasons, so I can’t help much more, but if it’s any help lots of people have gone lrp’ing when pregnant and it’s fine. I’d avoid fights just for peace of mind, but going lrp’ing is totally fine when you are pregnant – just do what feels ok!

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Gay marriage and the church

My problem with the argument of the CofE is that marriage is NOT nowadays a religious institution. No matter how much the church may say it is, it isn’t. Everyone who gets married in a civil marriage is just as married (in the eyes of the state anyway). And the only proposed change is to the definition of civil marriage. Ergo I really feel that they should butt out.

Or to quote another friend in our earlier conversation:

Me: What does the CofE think gay people will DO when they’re married?! Host ‘Married Gay People Orgies’?

Her: It’s not the orgies they’re afraid of: CofE vicars are scared they’ll be asked over for homosexual tea and cake.
And it’s so hard to get pink crumbs out of a white surplice.

Honestly, I do think they should maybe try harder to engage people with the church and stop saying things that make them look like intolerant nutbags.

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