Holistic Planned Grazing reverses desertification

An amazing project, Operation Hope, has won first prize in an international design competition for practical solutions to the world’s most pressing problems such as water, food scarcity and climate change. The project aims to provide “permanent water and food security for Africa’s impoverished millions” through holistic planned grazing.

Holistic planned grazing uses the movement and behaviour of grazing animals to break up and fertilise local soil. The overall aim of the project is to reverse desertification, and it has so far reclaimed 6,500 acres of grasslands in Zimbabwe whilst also increasing the livestock population by 400%.

Jack Thackara, one of the jurors who helped decide this year’s prize said “”In Operation Hope we have the basis of a new ‘Brown Revolution’ based on the principles of permaculture: the regeneration of covered, organically-rich, biologically-thriving soil.”


About Cherry Rose

Eco-hippy, prone to posting about interesting eco-innovations and also about bees. I am working on the Friends of the Earth Bee campaign (an umbrella campaign for all sorts of efforts to save the bees) and hope that this will be interesting to everyone!
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