Fuzzy footed flower bee

Did you even know there was such a thing as a fuzzy footed flower bee? I did not, and nearly died of cute overload when I found out. Even better, their latin name is Anthophora plumipes!



These bees can be seen from late February or early March, and are one of the earliest bees in the garden.

If you want to help these amazingly cute bees and see them in YOUR garden, plant lungwort and comfrey. Also let deadnettles grow.

They nest in soft mortar joints or the ground. Something to bear in mind if you want some to live in your area.


About Cherry Rose

Eco-hippy, prone to posting about interesting eco-innovations and also about bees. I am working on the Friends of the Earth Bee campaign (an umbrella campaign for all sorts of efforts to save the bees) and hope that this will be interesting to everyone!
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3 Responses to Fuzzy footed flower bee

  1. galadrielcrystal says:

    Reblogged this on galadrielcrystal.

  2. Kate Parker says:

    I lived in an early Victorian house where they nested in the (unused) chimney over winter. I was a bit taken aback when dozens of bees appeared in my living room in the spring but they were only interested in getting ouside. I mis-read the name when I first found out what they were as fairy footed flower bees!

  3. plantameadow says:

    Great info on how to help cold bees, perfect for the current weather and I will put it into practice if I come across one. Many thanks

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