Hawthorn – a bush for you and for Bee


This weekend we noticed that the hawthorn tree at the bottom of our garden was not only looking gorgeous, but it was covered in bees and other tiny flying bugs. If you’re thinking about a way to start making your garden more attractive to bees, I’d suggest this as a lovely bush to consider. About now it is covered in the beautiful flowers you can see at the top of this post, and in the autumn / winter it produces haw berries which are an excellent source of food for birds!

It might not be something to put in the middle of your garden as it can grow to between 5 and 15 metres tall, and it has thorny branches. However it’s an excellent choice for a hedge, as it can be trained and trimmed and will not only provide a fabulous source of shelter and food for birds and bees, but it will probably help keep burglars out, due to its spiky nature! It is also apparently very suitable for water conservation areas, which may be something to bear in mind.


If you might want to get a group together, the Woodland Trust is currently running a free tree scheme at http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/en/moretrees-moregood/get-involved/plant-trees/Pages/apply-community-tree-pack.aspx. Packs range from small (60 saplings) to large (420 saplings) http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/en/moretrees-moregood/advice-centre/pages/packs-of-trees.aspx
If you don’t have a garden but want to improve your local area, this could be something to go for.


About Cherry Rose

Eco-hippy, prone to posting about interesting eco-innovations and also about bees. I am working on the Friends of the Earth Bee campaign (an umbrella campaign for all sorts of efforts to save the bees) and hope that this will be interesting to everyone!
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One Response to Hawthorn – a bush for you and for Bee

  1. dee says:

    OmG Happy days it flew away back to its nest. Can’t stop smiling. .

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