Global carbon dioxide in atmosphere passes milestone level

Although I know that people prat around re climate change, choosing to argue rather than act, I still find it beyond belief that this is not the top headline. We really are going to go out as the most wilfully ignorant and consequently stupid species ever…

And I don’t want to! This is so so past the point where we can waste time. If you have children we are well on course (or at) the point where their adult lives are genuinely hell. Do you care so little about them that this doesn’t compel you to act? And you can always do something, little people acting is what has always changed the world.


About Cherry Rose

Eco-hippy, prone to posting about interesting eco-innovations and also about bees. I am working on the Friends of the Earth Bee campaign (an umbrella campaign for all sorts of efforts to save the bees) and hope that this will be interesting to everyone!
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